DermaPro Collagen Ladies

DermaProTM Collagen is your daily dose of gorgeous — a synergistic, high-purity, protein-rich, anti-ageing, skincare matrix specifically developed to promote youthful radiance and improved skin hydration from within, while offering protection against oxidative stress and free radical damage.

DermaPro Collagen Ladies

  • DermaPro’s unique skincare formula is specifically developed and fortified to promote youthful radiance and skin hydration from within, while offering protection against oxidative stress and free radical damage. 

    Backed by science, ingestible collagen can also improve the results from:

    • medical micro-needling
    • laser therapy
    • microdermabrasion
    • non-surgical facelifts
    • skin tightening
    • facials and peels

    — simply take one sachet (dissolved in your favourite beverage) every day. Our advanced skincare formula is fortified with ultra-pure 4X distilled MSM — an organic sulphur-rich compound essential for optimal health and boosting collagen synthesis and is infused with vitamin C — a powerful antioxidant which also works synergistically to supercharge your body’s own natural collagen production.

    For your added convenience DermaPro is available in on-the-go travel packs of daily dose sachets.

  • Naturally. With so much mis-information around, along with questionable ingredients in many supplements today it’s no longer just about what goes into them, but rather what is left out that makes DermaPro™ Fortified Collagen special. In our case you won’t find any unnecessary or counter-intuitive ingredients, such as sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, bulking agents or liquid carriers loaded with preservatives — DermaPro™ is specifically formulated for anti-ageing skincare from within — using 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active ingredients and nothing else — nothing artificial — nothing synthetic — just as nature intended.

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