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iFitBeauty Image makes the most of your best features so that you look your best, every time

Get a Full Image make-over. Erika Viljoen, our Personal stylist, does a thorough analysis of colour, make-up and clothing styles that suit you from head to toe.

Become confident in your own personal style. 


Discover your best complementary colours and your best colour.  Learn how to use different colour combinations within your personal colour palette


A personal style plan based on your figure analysis .  
Explore and develop your personal style and feel confident transforming yourself and express your individuality.  
Whether you are a true classic or an athlete, learn to own your own brand

hair & MAKE-UP

Choose the perfect hairstyle and colour to complement your face shape, skin tone and overall image.  Discover your best make-up colours, from foundation to eye shadow and lipstick.  Explore how to build up a personal make-up kit and acquire clever application techniques.


Want to design a new wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe or a seasonal wardrobe?  
Redesign your wardrobe, and match your wardrobe to your personality, lifestyle and budget.  
Avoid unnecessary impulse purchases or discover new ways to dress your favourite items!
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