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The iFitBeauty Story

Every so often someone comments about my weight – how can you eat the way you do and stay in shape. The truth is that there is no overnight success, no quick fix and no magic formula. Make no mistake, being able to stay in shape and to look great requires a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Although its takes some sacrifice, it is not difficult and the results will be worth it.
It has been my desire to help women and prove to them that they too can adopt a healthier active lifestyle. iFitBeauty is here to ease the process – to be able to bridge that gap between a lifestyle change whilst at the same being able to eat food that does not feel like punishment.
Ever since I started iFitBeauty some 10 years ago, our goal has been to listen to our clients, understanding your particular circumstances, developing a bespoke training and eating regime that suits your lifestyle whilst at the same time gradually easing you into a more active, healthier routine you can enjoy. 
Although I love bodybuilding and have specialised in body transformation for the last 30 years, my heart and passion also lies in weight-loss for individuals who struggle with their weight & body image. Having to speak about weight and body image is difficult - most of us probably think about it, especially  when we start to notice how we fit into our clothes and this makes us self-conscious. We come upon a sudden realisation that we rather be in loose fitting clothes, we lack energy and seem tired all the time. We then realise it’s time to shed some weight but how do we go about that where we can lose weight and make sure its stays lost.   
This is where iFitBeauty finds its niche. We look at what you want to achieve and we help you get there. Our motto has become Beauty and Fitness for Life. 
iFitBeauty business is not based on how many clients we have but rather the impact we can make on improving the quality of life for our clients.  We get to know you, what is important to you and how we can develop a programme for you that you can successfully follow.
iFitBeauty has a wide range of products and services that make an amazing change in your life. And if we don’t have a product or service for you, we will design one. Let this be your make over project and our teams will be there with you holding your hand  every step of the way. 
Our team has help so many people in the past to lose weight and feel great, become healthier and energised. If they can do it, so can you.
Nikki Nair, 
Founder and Owner iFitbeauty (Pty) Ltd
Nikki is a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Exercise is Medicine Professional and the 2019 SA Body Fitness Champion.
Nikki Nair 2019 IFBB SA Body Fitness Champion




"Since training with Nikki at  iFitBeauty I have had amazing results with her daily excercise routine and would definitely recommend her! Nikki has helped me with workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The results has been loss of body fat and a significant building and toning of muscle, to the point that I think it's the best it has ever been. Training with Nikki has been mind, body and life-changing."

Athlete Girl


It took me a year to find Nikki. Yes! A year. It's hard to find a Personal Trainer who really knows what they are doing, and not only that, trainers who are AS invested in what you want to achieve, as you are. I was a newbie, felt very intimidated in gyms and had no idea what to do with a weight. 


Without hesitating Nikki scooped me up and started guiding me. Nikki is caring, supportive, thorough, knowledgeable, understands my needs and pushes me to a place I never thought I was or could be strong enough to go. All the while never making you feel like you can't or shouldn't be there. Her 'you-can-do-it" and "but-did-you-die" attitude and quiet persistence is rare, and encouraging. 

She challenges you appropriately and generally makes you want to work out more. Her sessions are varied and you never get bored. She will push you to your limit and you will love it. I was more than impressed by Nikki's professionalism. And bonus ... she always shows up. Nikki has changed more than my body, she's changed my life. I will never look back. 

P.S I drive 30km, passing many gyms, 3 times a week (it's the highlight of my week) to train with Nikki. Yes, she's THAT good!

Modern Gym


I have known Nikki for 3 years now as my personal trainer, and now as one of my best friends. She has made an incredible difference in my life and I so grateful I joined the iFitClub. She is very professional and very passionate about her work. She is also an expert in what she does. Not only has she made me more healthier but I have become more confident. 

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